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Ocean Theme Ideas
Old 05-28-2008, 09:03 PM

Okay Optional Job Titles for an Underwater Job Board:
Lobster Librarian
Coral Caboose
Catfish Custodian
Crab Computer Tech.
Habitat Horticulturist
Man-o-war materials manager
Turtle teachers assistant
Clown fish caboose
Dolphin Desk Patrol
Coral Custodian
Porpoise Postmaster

On one of your bulletin boards you could have "Lets Dive Into Learning"
Above the reading corner you can have "Fishing For a Good Book"
Outside your room, you can have "Sea Mrs.___s ______ Graders" and post pictures of your kids faces with little ocean animal bodies
On another bulletin board you can have "What a Catch" and display kids good work.
We can buy small blow up fish from the dollar store and hang them with fishing line from your ceiling in groups, so it looks like schools of fish.
You could also put blue plastic wrap over your windows, so your classroom is blue tinted like it's underwater.
You could draw a giant whale and label it "Whale of a Word Wall"
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