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Door Passes
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I am a 5th grade teacher and have found that using Door Passes/Exit Passes is very effective. I have half sheets of paper with a door graphic on them and I have a hundred on hand at all times. A Door Pass is used towards the end of the day or class time where I ask 2-5 questions about what I taught that day or a review from yesterday's concepts. For example, I might assign 5 quick math problems on multiplying decimals, and then they turn it in to a folder on the door called Door Passes on their way to specials, another class, or to go home. It is a quick check for me that is easy to grade, and it is something different for them.
For homework in math, I assign shortened assignments, such as evens or the left side problems. We check them together in class the next day, where I have a student whose job is "teacher assistant" read the answers while I walk around and monitor students. I quickly record any problems or students who could use an extra challenge.
Students are always writing in my class, and I usually take a formal grade on a few student selected pieces each term. Another way for quick assessment is to have them do a quick draw of a concept (like the water cycle or parts of a plant.)

Good luck!!
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