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starting on the first day of school
Old 06-23-2008, 02:58 AM

I don't follow the D5 format, because I prefer to do reading workshop and writing workshop (I only have 100 minutes for literacy, including reading, writing, grammar/spelling, word study, etc).

But I do borrow a lot from the D5 approach when teaching my children to read independently and read with a partner. I love the D5 approach to teaching stamina! It goes like this:
  • create an I-chart
  • correct model
  • incorrect model
  • correct model
  • short practice session (stop after a few minutes OR as soon as the first student gets off-task, whichever comes first)
  • check-in
  • short practice session
  • check-in and share
I started with independent reading on our very first day of school (this was for grade 2). Here's my plan for the first day of reading workshop:

Launching Read to Self (from Daily Five, p. 111)
  • You guys have the best job in the world! (see Growing Readers)
  • Think-pair-share: why is it important to read?
  • What should children be doing during reading time – create I-chart (as per D5)
  • Invite a child to show a correct model what we should see when someone is reading
  • Incorrect model, followed by correct model
  • Building stamina – 4 minute practice
  • Check-in: what worked? What didn’t?
  • Model again
  • Building stamina – 4 minute practice
  • Check-in: what worked? What didn’t? (praise and appreciate)
  • Closure: you will have the chance to read every day in this classroom
Over the next week, I kept increasing the practice sessions. D5 has you stopping the class the instant that someone is off-task, so that no one can practice incorrect reading behaviours. Starting the second week, I stopped doing the mid-way check-in and just kept extending the independent reading time. We made a graph showing how long we read independently. The children were VERY motivated by the graph and they were independent much more quickly than my students have been in the past.

On the first day of week 2, I introduced read to a partner, using the same procedure.
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