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Travel Ideas
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What about a bulletin board with "Learning Can Take You Anywhere". You can use this for geography. Perhaps your students can write about places they would like to journey to. Read books about those places and even illustrate them.

Or maybe, you could have a student be the "Explorer of the Week" and report about a real or fictional place to the class. You could also put up pictures of that student.

Teach your students about the compass and create some sort of "treasure hunt" or "exploring the school" theme for your first week using compass directions and footsteps where your students will have to find areas of the school that you want them to be familiar with. There are lots of great books for teaching mapping skills at various age levels.

What about an art project teaching your students how to make "old" paper by dying it in tea? They could create maps or a great journal cover or journal pages using this technique and write a much more interesting story about their summer vacations than by using plain old binder paper.

This past year, I created a job board that looked much like a city map. The students were represented by various types of transportation and drove around the "community" to their various jobs which I switched out each week.

You could create a bulletin board that looks like a suitcase (or use an old suitcase) and have the students create those old fashioned suitcase stickers that represent places they have traveled, are from or just want to go to. If you go with an actual suitcase, you could use it to hold props for book talks or history/geography lessons and it could be an interesting way to build student excitement.
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