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being a new teacher, I've made these...
Old 06-29-2008, 06:28 PM

What are the top 10 mistakes new teachers make?

You can copy and paste this.....

1. Not asking questions when you need help. Take advice and don't rewrite the wheel
2. Biting off more than you can chew- wanting to be involved in so many things when I really just needed to be able to get through the day
3. Starting every great idea you hear of immediately after learning about them-I would hear about the next new thing and try and start it the next Monday morning
4. Being too easy in regards to discipline
5. Inconsistency in regards to pretty much everything
6. Coming too early and staying too late-you need to have personal time!
7. Spending time, energy and money on things that weren't really worth it- I feel it's more important to have strong academics and lesson plans than having a great classroom theme with coordinated nameplates
8. Have a place for everything and take the time to put everything in it's place. Let students help out-they want to!
9. Plan! Plan! Plan! I felt like an idiot the day I realized things went much more smoothly when I had solid lesson plans.
10. Have a backup plan. Know what to do if kids finish early. Have a plan if things don't work out so well.
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