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Joined: Jun 2008
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I'm getting ready to start my third year of teaching so I'm still pretty new to this, but wanted to offer things I've learned.

The first one is to not be their friend. I'm actually hoping to be a much better job at this starting in August.

The second one is to ask. Find a teacher, your mentor or someone else, that you can go to for advice and never hesitate to ask anything. I love my mentor teacher and am SOOOO thankful to have had her.

The third one to me is the most important in my opinion. Prayer. Those kids can fight a teacher all they want, but they can't fight prayer. I plan to take time every morning starting in August and praying over my room. We just don't know what some of the kids go through at home. They need all the love and support they can get from you. I try to remind myself, I might be the only smile they get so I better be ready. Prayer helps me with that, because we all know there are days when a smile seems impossible.

I look forward to reading the advice all of you seasoned teachers have to pass on.
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