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What I did this year was have a Speedway Pass for each student. (My theme is racing.)

They are color coded, so they all start with white.
Positive - star punch
Negative - hole punch, canceling out the star

Positive: when I give compliments, showing kindness, finishing work neatly, bringing in homework, doing favors, going above and beyond... really anything that I felt deserved a positive recognition. Sometimes I'd give them when I saw that some students needed a reminder... "Great job, Johnny! You put your name on your paper without me reminding you." Then perhaps Susie, Jamal, and other will quickly check their papers.

Negative: talking out, breaking a rule, breaking procedure, using hurtful words, not bringing homework, etc. I almost always did with a "because your choice was to ___,..." so they knew it was a choice that they might change next time.

Once they received 25 stars (some took longer than others because they'd get canceled out and then they would have to be re-earned), they received a reward and traded their Pass in for the next color. The students really seemed to like that this year and really work toward the rewards/new color Pass.

Rewards: homework pass, computer free time pass, pencils, treasure box, lunch with another class, recess with another class, dismissal with another teacher (which was always a reward for ME!), stickers, etc. I had it written down so I wouldn't forget what I gave for each color. Heh.

White - positive stamp in their agenda
Yellow - sticker
Orange - homework pass
Green - computer free time pass

and so on....

**In the beginning of the year, I just let them earn the stars and then lose them with the hole punch. I found that some were losing too often because of poor behavior and not bringing in homework, so they weren't getting to feel the positive by trading in their Pass, thereby never getting a reward. (I even tried to seek out ways to compliment them.) Also, I found that some of the kids that were really well behaved and who made good choices ALL the time weren't getting enough stars. So, after the holidays I started giving them all 3 stars to start their day. Either they were well behaved, got compliments and were rewarded with those 3+ ... OR they lost ones that the started the day with. The kids started moving a little more quickly through the Speedway Passes and found a new goal to work toward.

(Part of my management strategy is that they put a stick in their pocket - where their Passes were kept - when rules were broken or when they were reprimanded. Each stick -blue, orange, yellow, red- would mean a hole punch, so it was easy to know how many hole punches to give at the end of the day.)
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