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Classroom Money System
Old 07-02-2006, 08:14 PM

I have used a classroom money system very successfully for the past 2 years. Students earn money for: all A's on report card, all A's and B's on report card, perfect attendance at the end of each week, no checks at the end of each week, good citizens for each nine weeks, and various other good deeds I catch them doing.

I open my classroom store every 4-5 weeks. I have tried to come up with a lot of things for the students to "buy" that doesn't cost me a lot of money! Here are some things I "sell":
  • small candy/gum (However, I will be doing away with this for the upcoming year due to new health laws.)
  • College Day...Students get to bring a drink (juice, Gatorade, water) and a healthy snack from home.
  • Homework Pass...can only be used on a teacher approved assignment
  • Lunch With A Friend
  • Treasure Box...this includes small items from the dollar store, markers bought at back-to-school sales, toys from cereal, etc.
  • Extra Recess Pass
  • 10 Bonus Points on a more than 10 points can be added to a test
  • 30 minutes free computer time
  • 1 hour classroom free time
  • Library Helper
  • Office Helper
  • Another Teacher Helper
  • Dinner with your teachers...this costs a lot, so the students have to save all year in order to have enough classroom money!
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