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How I do it
Old 07-08-2006, 04:19 AM

-Do you use it year round? Yes I do. I used to use it daily but that took too long so I plan on using it weekly this year.
-What are some of the well liked prizes that you use for the spots? Write with ink for a day, sit at the teacher's desk for a period, have lunch with the teacher and a friend, pick and be the leader of a class game, move your desk to a chosen location for the day, have a special sharing time to teach something to the class (those are a few!)
I'm looking to add to the ideas that the gameboard suggests.
-Is the brainbinder spot a good idea? My students loved it.......they had to answer a question and if they did, they got to choose a piece of candy from the candy was not too sugary!

-What do you do for the bus spot and mystery prize? If you land on this space, you will go directly to the yellow square (if you pass go, you do not collect your candy). If you are on the bus, you, need to bring in 2 nights of homework to get off (unless you have a get off the bus card). (I have to rethink this for next year since I will be doing it weekly. As for mystery prize, I had a box with one item in it and they got to select that item (they couldn't see in the box!). After someone earned the item, I replaced it.
-As far as redeeming the cards for various prizes, do you have the
students use them on the day they play or can they do it when they
want to use it? For example.. eat with the teacher, no morning work,
pick a job for the week, etc. For me it depended on the prize. I found it was easiest to give them the reward at the time they won but some things just couldn't be that way. I think you should look at your prizes and determine the rules based on them.
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