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Cute idea
Old 07-15-2006, 06:58 AM

I was working at the school yesterday when one of my teammates came in w/ a really cute idea that I thought some of you might like. Actually, some of you may do this. She took an idea of mine that I got somewhere and went from there.

I have a flowerpot of pencils that we call "magic pencils". I tell the kids that when using one, it helps creative story ideas come out on paper. I buy cheap, $1 flower bushes from the dollar store, pull the blooms off, enlarge the hole in the middle of the petals just slightly, then slide a pencil through the hole. The eraser becomes the flower center. I am the only one who is allowed to sharpen magic pencils. Last year's pencils are still usable!

My friend took that idea, bought some huge sunflowers, used floral tape to attach each blossom to a pencil-covering up the eraser. She then put the dozen or so flower pencils in a flowerpot along with some small "filler" flowers to make a really cute arrangement. The sunflower pencils are now her "borrow" pencils. She had a problem with some kids never having a pencil period, then when loaned one, never returning it. She can see at a glance who borrows one of these!! lol. Plus they won't be very appealing to keep because of the lack of eraser.
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