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Construction Theme
Old 07-22-2006, 07:21 AM

Hi! I am thinking about doing a construction theme too for my 1st grade classroom. I found some neat construction signs at the teachers' store and found some "hard hats" at the dollar store too. This way I can take the students' pictures in the hard hats the first day of class. Here is some other ideas I had for titles, etc.

Reading Zone

Our Construction Crew

Building Up Character

Beginner Blueprints for Reading (I was thinking about using this for a word wall. I am going to try to get some old blueprints to put up as the background to the bulletin board.)

Building a Foundation for Learning

Kids at Work

Use empty paint cans for pencil, scissors, etc. holder

Use caution tape for bulletin board borders

I was also trying to think up something for my reading corner. I may try to purchase some of the cardboard building blocks so that I can "build" some small walls (with an opening for the door) to block off the reading corner. Of coarse, don't build them too high since you want to see the kids reading! I would glue the blocks together too so that they wouldn't be knocked over all the time .

Hope this helps. I'm still in the brainstorming stage .
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