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Do you use a notebook to keep it in?

We get planners from our PTO for the children to use to write down their assignments. They also get a "Take Home" folder from the PTO. One side is for worksheets/ etc that needs to be returned to school. The other side is for notes and completed papers to stay at home.

Do the kids write their homework down daily?

The kids write down their homework from what I have listed on the board daily. Assignments are usually the same for spelling each week. (Mon. ABC order, Tues. and Wed. Choice , and Thurs. 3 times each) Math is usually a workbook page that covers concepts learned that day. Reading workbook is given a few nights a week. Reading / Spelling test are always on Friday so they have to study for that. In addition, I have them read for 15 min. Monday through Thursday and turn in a Reading Log on Friday. Health, Science, and Social studies are given occassionally and I try to plan it so there isn't too much work in one night.

In addition to having the children write down their assignments, I have a "Homework Hotline". I put the assignments and any up coming tests or projects on my school answering machine. The parents and the kids are expected to call if they forget somethng or need clarification of an assignment. It also works well for those children who are absent. Each student is issued an E Book for math that has all the workbook pages and since spelling is the same each week, there is no reason not to have homework done in those subjects. Parents LOVE the homework hotline, in the beginning of the year there are lots of calls so parents can double check the assignments written down in the planner. It only takes a few seconds to do at the end of each day. No one can ever say " I didn't know about it"

Do they turn it in or do you go over it together during class?

Spelling is turned into me. We have individualized spelling lists so their ABC order is handed back out on Friday for their partner to give them their test. Math and reading are corrected whole group and I can see who is having trouble with a concept right away before we start the next lesson. It usually only takes a few minutes and I can keep an eye on kids who are having trouble that day.

Do you record a grade?
I always take Health workbook pages for a grade, otherwise the homework is checked as done/ not done. Once a week I will take a grade on a random assignment so the kids don't get lazy on me

Do you have a procedure that you do if students don't complete homework?

If they don't complete their homework, they don't get recess. They also have to take a "homework" sheet listing missing or incomplete assignments home to be signed by the parents and returned the next day with the completed assignment. If the problem is cronic, I will call the parents.
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