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World Tour
Old 07-28-2006, 05:35 PM

During my student teaching I did a world tour with the students during the last two weeks of school. Obviously because we only did it in two weeks you would have to expand on everything we did but this may give you some ideas!

On the first day of the tour we set the classroom up like an airplane (put the chairs in rows, taped up pictures of clouds-as windows, we left an aisle in the middle and put a tv at the end, we showed a movie and I pushed a cart up and down the aisle handing out popcorn).

We created a US Embassy and when ever a child lost thier passport, they would have to go to the Embassy to get a new one made. We made passports on photopaper and inserted each child's picture so it looked very nice, if they lost it, we drew one on an index the kids held onto thier passports tight!

In the hallway I created a large map of the world (I found a pic that I liked on the internet, I printed it, put it on an overhead sheet, put it on the overhead and pulled the overhead back until the picture was the size I wanted, I then traced it onto large paper). Whenever we traveled to a new place we marked it on our map.

The students made suitcases out of construction paper and I cut index cards into small strips and for each country we made a label to look like stickers on the suitcases. The kids loved this! In thier suitcases they carried a travel packet (containing a smaller version of the map in the hall-they individually marked each place we went and connect the places at the end),they each had a travel journal-at the end of each day they wrote about the place they had traveled to.

In each country that we went to we read a book, search on the internet and had guest speakers to learn all about the place where we were. We also had one type of food from that place and we did some sort of craft. In Japan we did tangrams-the kids LOVED this. I have a book that goes along with it somewhere..if I find it I will post it for you. We did woven mats in Mexico, rainsticks in Africa, mini pizza in Italy, rice in China, etc.

This is all I can think of for now, I will look through what I have at home and see if there is anything else I find you may like! Hope this helps
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