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Take care of the class pet.
Join another class for indoor recess
Draw on the chalkboard
Play with clay during free time.
Be the first in line.
Do only half the math assignment.
Choose any class job for the week
Listen to a tape or CD during lunch
Do all the class jobs for a day
Invite a lunch visitor from outside the school
Work on a mural
Get a drink whenever you want to.
Use the pencil sharpener at any time
Make a bulletin board
No early morning work
Stay in at recess to play a game with a friend
Use stamps and ink pad
Use the teacher's chair instead of your own for a day.
Take home a class game for the night.
Use the couch or beanbag chair for the day.
Use the tape recorder and tape a story
Have a special sharing time in class to teach something to the other class members
Be the leader of a class game.
Choose a story for the teacher to read
Use a timer while you work at your desk
Have work checked instantly by the teacher
Be a messenger
Have a private talk with the teacher
Read a story to the principal.
Ask your teacher to eliminate one of your grades from the grade book.
Help your teacher teach a lesson.
Work in the Classroom store.
Call out words during a class spelling bee
Take attendance for a day
Be excused from one workbook page
Choose three pieces of art paper to take home
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