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I actually enjoyed
Old 10-25-2020, 04:28 PM

"Unwind" although it was very dark. I did not like the sequels nearly as much. Would I let my children read it at 14? Probably. It's very thought provoking, though.

Spoilers ahead, for anyone who doesn't want to read it.

Basically, they have eliminated abortion in this society. No child may be aborted. However, once they become a teen, they are subject to "unwinding" at the parents request. Unwinding, just means that you're euthanized, and your body parts are shared out among those who might need it. Medical technology can harvest even your nervous system, and every little bit can be used to rejuvenate others.

The story revolved around three teens, all subject to unwinding for various reasons.

There's a boy who is the typical bratty teenager, and the parents decide he's too much trouble.

There's another boy who is the youngest child of a fundamentalist sect who "tithes" one of their children. This is considered an honor, and the boy is looking forward to his unwinding.

The third is a girl who is an orphan. Orphans must be outstanding in something. The average, ordinary chlld will be unwound. This particular girl is a gifted pianist, but stage fright causes her to flub her examination that will determine if she lives or dies.

A car accident on the way to be harvested sends them all in a flight for their lives, although the tithe boy doesn't want to be a part of it, he is forced along by the others. Helped on their way, by an underground network, and chased by an overzealous police officer, they eventually make it to a refuge for other runaways.
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