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I just donít agree with most of what you said. I have only been teaching 12 years, though, and all in one district. Same department, but two different grade levels, and I moved by choice to fill a gap they were having trouble filling.

I think that the majority of what the original poster said was so negative, and Iím sorry that was the experience they had.

I really think that if you find the right environment, you wonít have the majority of these issues. You might have one or two bad experiences on your way to the right place, but you can find it!

1. Yes youíll have a lot to learn your first year. Ask for advice from experience teachers in your department when you need it. I would never have survived my first year without 2 older teachers and their experience and advice.

2. Get a backpack. Especially if there are stairs. You are not a CEO, so do not need a briefcase. Totes and backpacks hold more and cost less. Further, if you need to take stuff home, do what works for you. Some of us work better in our home environment or donít love staying at school after dark. I personally only grade at school so I donít lose anything. But I will take planning materials home if I need to. Find what works for you.

3. Paperwork usually has a deadline. Follow it and youíll be fine.

4. Duty is important and timeliness is helpful. Just know your spot and time and if you forget donít be offended when someone reminds you. It happens and life goes on.

5. Dress appropriately according to your dress code. Remember that neatness and professionalism do not have to mean uncomfortable.

6. Arrival before your contract time. As long as you are not late youíre good. Personally I like about 30 minutes ahead to get myself settled in and check my schedule...but people with kids often just have to be ďon timeĒ - itís contract time for a reason, you donít have to go w over your life.

7. This one actually angers me. You have sick days for a reason. Use them. That is what they are there for!

8. Make friend with your colleagues and keep it positive. That way, gossip isnít a problem. Also, we all have very close friend see trust and say things to that we know will go no further...use your personal judgment and take care in your own words.

9. Again, your classroom - your routine. Do what works for you, be that a bell ringer or warm up question or even a to-do list to be ready for class. Itís not your time unto others bell rings...and Kids have passing periods for a reason, too. They need to move every once in awhile just like we do.

10. I just donít agree with j & k. I think that teachers come in all shapes and personalities and being ďloudĒ doesnít mean ďmean and yelling,Ē so I believe that your personality should shine through. You are a human being and kids build better relationships if they know the real you. You donít have to have every answer. You donít have to be a robot. Be yourself.

And I just canít let this negativity go: you are a real teacher. The minute you have a certificate, you are a real teacher. You need time to learn and grow, so take the time to learn and grow. Gain experience. Tap your resources. And ask for help when you need it.

Your dedication and learning results show more about you than anything else. Yes, you have to prove yourself - but so does everyone!
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