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Students Don't Like Me
Old 11-05-2014, 10:55 AM
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Lately, it's really been killing me that the majority of students seem generally ambivalent to me as a teacher. I have a few girls that I talk with at lunch, but by and large the answer always seems to be "He's so cool!!! He's so diligent!" There's a young male teacher in my department who I have no respect for, he admits he grades things arbitrarily based on how much he likes the students, every time I call down there he's insulting them or cussing at them, he wastes classtime, but the kids are absolutely crazy about him. I'm always hearing thing like "But they got to watch the movie in Mr. S's class" In reference to a film that I could not get approved because it contains nudity, but which he didn't even bother with the approval process for.
Just today the kids were talking about a teacher I do respect who is getting his EED. I'm also getting my PhD while working and he and I are good friends and often commiserate, but somehow they are in awe of his ability to carry the workload even though I'm in the more stringent program. I like the students. I get along with them, I guess I just assume I would be somebody's favorite teacher given the amount of hard work I put in.
Is this just a "high school kids prefer male teachers" thing or am I maybe missing something? I'm not harsh with them, I do demand that they work hard and I plan challenging lessons, but I've never given them anything that they couldn't handle with just a little bit of help.
What's going on here?

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