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They didn't plan this one right.
Old 12-03-2018, 09:17 PM
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Got a call to cover a period of high schoolers that wasn't my jurisdiction during a free period of mine. No sub had shown up. I get these calls all time subbing. No biggie. I'm flexible.

Well, it kind of turned into a biggie.

After the period ended, these kids had a lab and stayed. But during their lab starts my first class of the day. So I had to leave them when the bell rang.

When the bell rang I told the students: "Hope you guys get another teacher in here for your lab... I have to go to my classroom of 6th graders now."

Hopefully another adult showed up for their lab.

That's what happens when subs don't show up or admin don't fully understand a situation. Luckily they were seniors and a small group, but still... Not great planning there. And I shouldn't have to deal with fixing their mistakes after already going above and beyond. I don't have time! I have another class to run to... The one I'm the actual sub for.

Had caf duty too later on... Ugh.

Anyway, another adventurous, confusing, kind of frustrating, anxiety- provoking, crammed day in the life of a sub.

Good thing I like this school, otherwise I might not go back. Don't like being jerked around and having to worry about extra complications. Enough on our plate as it is, now we have two separate classrooms to worry about?

Nice staff and kids here for the most part, so at least it's a school I feel welcomed at. I always appreciate that. I always try to be polite as possible, and appreciate when the favor is returned.

That goes for students and staff.

But some days I just want an actual smooth day with no drama or danger. You feel me?

That's all we really want as subs, isn't it?

A day that isn't pure chaos and worry of being banned from a building simply for being confused by others' confusing actions.

Again, I like this school. Just wish people didn't confuse me all the time due to their scatterbrains. Makes me anxious, like I'm going to get in trouble.

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