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Clip to ScrapBook #3

Yeah, the problem was I would have left my next class alone too if I didn't leave when the bell rang.

It was a "lose lose" situation. Do I leave the lab seniors alone, or the 12 year olds? Lol. Liability either way. Schools are talented at creating these messes I've noticed, lol. There is no winning sometimes.

Admin scatterbrained planning, combined with subs or teachers cancelling at the last minute, can cause a heap of problems.

I do hope they sent a teacher to the lab. Honestly though, my biggest concern was doing the job I actually signed up for. I'm sure there were no issues. Staff are pretty laid back. (Obviously a bit too much at times.)

This kind of unnecessary turbulent chaos bothers me most when it's at a school I actually like to teach at. Sigh.

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