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Stop the wandering
Old 05-03-2019, 12:51 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #2

I have learned that every second that the students are not on task means the chances for misbehaving greatly increase. My students do not have desks and they rotate to different areas for different activities and lessons. At each station each student has a pencil box that contains the items they need for the lesson they are learning at that station.

If the lesson only uses pencil then only a pencil is in their box. If they are using glue and scissors then those are added for that day. It takes a bit of time at the end of the day to place the needed items in the boxes every day and sometimes twice a day but it cuts down the wandering. It is also a bit expensive to start as my kids have 9 stations they need to complete but the freedom from the wandering / off task behavior is worth it. All electronics should be kept inside a locked cabinet where the students can not obtain them. They need to come out only when their is an educational need for them. Free time with the Ipads should be earned

Second it seems like you have three groups being pushed into one classroom - life skills, behavior modification, and resource. These groups should be in separate classes but as we have no voice in out students schedules then we need to "make it work".

So if anyway possible try to think of them as separate groups and design the lessons for the needs of each group. One group with teacher, one group with you, and third group with another adult if anyway possible.

If the students perceive the work to be either too easy or too hard they will refuse to do it. Try to eliminate "worksheets". Make the lessons at least look interesting to draw them in. Hands on lessons seem to be the best with my students.

All of this takes tons of time and my husband knows he will not see me the first six weeks of every school year, but once the culture has been created in the classroom and the students learn the routine then I back off a tad.

I hope this helps
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