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Here are a few ideas to help with this rushing student:
-only give him one page at a time of the test
- Teach him/her the strategy of covering all but one question at a time with a blank sheet
- offer a reward when you see him/her reviewing their test and looking for errors
- Take a yellow highlighter and quickly highlight the questions he/she should "read again" before turning it in.
-give him/her his own "office" quiet space to work without distractions ( this could simply be a test shield).
- get an asst. to be the anchor and be sure he/she complies during important test taking.

In terms of a check list
- reread all questions and answers
- did I use my "strategies" ? always teach strategies (highlight, cover, breathing, my own office space,anything that the students recognizes as helpful to them.
- I hope these ideas are helpful.
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