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You know what's pretty effective
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is an interactive read aloud. You need a class set of the book you're using. You read, they follow. THEY MUST FOLLOW. No one is allowed to simply listen. You want them to follow because they get better at reading when they're going along with you, at your fluent pace, observing punctuation (and you, of course, are a WONDERFUL oral reader--very important. My kids tell me, "Miss, you're a good actor!") They pick up a lot of incidental vocabulary this way, as well.

Of course, you're going to still have them do their independent reading, but you could do the interactive for about twenty minutes a period. They need to answer questions, or do some writing as you go, naturally.

My schedule varies greatly, depending upon what we're doing, but I suggest:

Journal response to a prompt to open class--complete paragraph required (10 minutes)

Lesson on whatever you're working on, 20 minutes

Interactive read aloud (20 minutes)

You know there's going to be about 3-5 minutes of transition in there. I tell them to mailbox whatever they're working on, grab a copy of our book, and sit back down by the count of 10. 1, 2, 3......
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