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The prompt is short and easy
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Well, it doesn't sound like you have a lot of time, but you don't really need it. I stop and say, "One sentence, right now--what should this character do?"

Other prompts:

What do you think will happen?
What would you say to this character if you were the main character?
Is it okay for this character to do this/act this way? Why or why not?
Look again at this sentence, and especially this word in the sentence. Use the context; what does it mean?

Just be spontaneous; whatever comes up in today's reading is what I will ask you. Maybe today you just get asked one, maybe tomorrow it's three. I just ask for a sentence, though.

I can always use the daily journal prompt at the beginning of class to have them elaborate and make a paragraph out of any of my questions.

I'm not going to kill a read aloud with much more than that. When we're doing independent reading, in reader's workshop or book circles, that's where I come up with more, but really not tons more. It really is important that we collect evidence that they can evaluate characters, articulate theme, do words in context, make predictions, all of that. They just don't have to have lots and lots of it. You can really gauge where they're at with a few well thought-out questions. I always make them write their answer, though, whether I'm asking for a paragraph or just a sentence. Never, ever do I have them draw lines between words and definitions or answer multiple choice questions (yes, I know that's what happens on the state test, but the state test doesn't measure knowledge, just socioeconomic status. My district is really poor, and our scores suck--but my children are good readers because they come up with their own answers instead of choosing one).

Teaching reading is my absolute favorite thing to do.
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