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I've had that class just last year. Fifth graders for me, but I've also had a similar class in Kindergarten. One thing that frustrates me but I still believe works is waiting. Waiting is annoying and sometimes takes the entire class period to start, but eventually it works. You just have to commit to it. WAIT until everyone stops talking. Don't excuse one or two kids, because they will never stop until you wait them out. For me it took about four weeks with the fifth graders to really get it, and we "wasted" a lot of time. That time was made up in the weeks that followed though b/c our productivity increased!

Something I used in Kindergarten was a red and green piece of paper back to back. I'd flip it over to red when it was my turn, green when it was theirs. (For example, during work stations, they were allowed to talk. So it was on green at that time.)

Obviously, building in talk time to your lessons is a good way to help with this.

Overall, be consistent in whatever you choose. Good luck!!
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