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Do you have power to take away any privileges? I'm sure I'll get flamed for this, but at our private school, when I have a student who won't work, I ask the parents ahead of time if they are ok with me sending the student late to lunch. Then I arrange for someone to take the rest of the class to lunch and I keep the non-working student. In a very neutral voice I tell them that when they finish 5 problems or 2 sentences or whatever, then we'll go to lunch. They are astonished and it works every time.

Now, I know I'm going to be flamed, but what I'm trying to discern with this approach is if the student can actually get work done when they really, really want to. Once that's been established, then I know how to proceed.

Just FYI, they will get lunch, they just might have to eat with a different grade and they might miss their middle recess.

That's what I've done. I'm sure many will have an issue with it, but isn't a delayed lunch better than allowing a student to slow walk their education and fail to meet their potential?
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