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Haley, thanks for your input. These are the same things I've been telling myself since I graduated. I guess I'm starting to feel desperate and was willing to jump into a master's program. My husband is willing to support whatever decision I make, but he thinks it is a bad move to start a master's program right now. He is willing to relocate, has suggested it many times. I don't want to relocate. He has it too good where we are. While at least one of us is stable, I think we should stay put. Plus most of our family live in this area.

We talked about this decision today, and I've decided to focus on adding endorsements instead of pursuing my masters right now. Since I'm in the Spec Ed teacher pool, I will work on the Spec Ed endorsement first. After that I will work towards a middle school endorsement. My degree is for K-8, but the state requires the middle school endorsements. Middle school seems like the next logical step for me if I can't get elementary.
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