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Clip to ScrapBook #5

I have a very simple graphic organizer that I tell students is a REMINDER for what they will be writing about.
The GO has the following sections: Main Characters (list at least 2), Setting & Time, Problem, Solution, and SOMETIMES a "lesson".
Not including space for three major events seems to help it remain only an outline.

We write one story together first on the overhead.
Day 1: Graphic Organizer, Brainstorm Character Qualities and Appearances
Day 2: Write BEGINNING of story (Set it Up, do not get into Problem yet).
Day 3: Write the MIDDLE of the story (Pick up where you left off, end the middle of the story when you hit the problem).
Day 4: Finish the story (pick up from the problem, plus the events to the solution).
Student write each section of the story in class after we do the section in our story. This way they can't work ahead and I can see what they need to add or take out at they work.

Then we begin the editing process in a simple partner format. We do a second draft, then type our final draft. I work with LEP students, and I found that breaking it into pieces really helped them take the time to develop their stories.

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