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Okay weirdest thing... I had decided to call Lowe's as a last ditch effort. Got put on hold, they're trying to find the guy, etc. etc.

As soon as he answers, it switches over to "washing" and appears to be working. But it was literally about TWENTY minutes after it said it was "sensing." I also have only like 5 pieces of clothes in there with the tiniest smidge of detergent right now.

Customer service guy from Lowe's seemed helpful and I said well, even though it did start working, that's not normal for it to take 20 minutes, right? Is it going to take 20 minutes every time, or what caused it to start working? He says he will go personally find appliance guy.

Appliance guy is literally the most unhelpful person on the planet. He says, "Yeah, sometimes new washers do that. If it's not perfectly balanced, it won't work." Okay, so what do I do to make sure it's perfectly balanced? I explain there is hardly anything in there. He says, "Nothing, they're just picky." WTF!! Then he says, "I mean, you can return it if you want to."

So I asked how long I had to return it and he said 30 days from the time it was delivered. I mean, what a huge hassle if I actually had to do that! I am hoping and praying that something super weird happened and it just suddenly kicked in and will work now (or maybe I do have to wait 20 minutes for my "high efficiency" washer to start working), but I guess my only recourse is to return it if it doesn't!
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