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Erasable Highlighters
Old 12-29-2006, 07:17 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #3

(Thought this information might be helpful). Highlighters sells a marker (that lasts forever) that erases. One end highlights and the other end has a chemical that erases. For totally clear results, I find that I need to erase that same day, and not all types of paper work as well, but I've erased somewhat adequately marks made after a year.

I've never used the above procedures for text mapping. I like what was mentioned. I could really use it in 3rd grade. I do a lot of prepping for independent nonfiction text studying in fourth grade; usually we discuss such orally, and kinesthetic and visual modalities would certainly be a called for addition to my lessons.

For fiction, a graphic organizer that really helps map the text is to draw a triangle. I have one on laminated construction paper that I've used for years, and for the students, I ditto a copy. The triangle has 5 rows of lines, one line for the top row, two lines for the second row, three lines for the third row, etc. Underneath, I write what goes on the line. On my construction paper, this is written on a diffenrent color of paper glued under each row of line(s); on a student's ditto, I just draw a little caption rectangle under each row. The first line tells the main character. The second line, in just two words, describes the character. The third line, in only three words, tells the setting. The fourth line, in four words, tells the conflict. The last line, in five words, tells the resolution to the confict.

By being restricted to the exact number of words, the students are required to creatively think through the story to make their map fit.
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