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A problem I have as well!
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Chronic absences are a problem Iíve been facing with my students as well. I constantly lose students for 1-2 weeks at a time due to outside studying for things like TOEFL or IELTS. It can be very frustrating to lose a student for even one class. If theyíre even interested in catching up, you still need to take time out of the class or your break to discuss it with them. I like the other posterís idea of ďask three, then meĒ, because the student needs to show they are willing to put in effort if they miss class, rather than expecting you to teach them a week of work in the 5 minutes before class.

There are two things that I hope can make this problem a little easier for me:

First, the more prepared I am for each lesson, the easier it is to cover with absent students. I find myself often having to think ďWell, what did we cover last weekÖĒ to myself. If I have clear lesson plans and supplementary materials, then itís much easier to make sure each student has accomplished the learning objective for those lessons, and can demonstrate it later in the course.

The second thing is something that Iíve recently been thinking a lot about due to a course Iím taking. If a student is more engaged in their own learning and goals, then they are much more likely to seek help from you and other students, and are also more likely to put in effort to catch up on their own. If a student has a set of goals to accomplish that they have set themselves, they might also actually let you know if they are going to be missing class! Iím positive many of my students know when they will be absent, but without an investment in their own learning they have no desire to let me know ahead of time or ask me to give them the work beforehand. To them it feels like asking for extra homework. Self-set goals related to the course is a way Iím hoping to keep my students more engaged in my class, and I hope it can at least mitigate the damage caused by chronic absences.
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