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It took me many yrs to remember
Old 09-05-2021, 02:40 PM
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The 1st couple of months are hard.
I am retired.
A friend called me telling me how immature, inattentive, and slow her kids are this yr. I remember that feeling at the start every single year. I remember she has felt that way too for years. Within a couple of months, kids get into routines.
The thing is I think we all tend to remember how the kids acted and what they knew at the end of the school year.
Like if you teach 4th grade, you remember the end of the year with kids close to 5th grade.
At the start of the year, the 4th graders are more like 3rd graders.
I think about 1/2 way through the year the kids mature some and seem much better off academically too.
It will get better with time!

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