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Our program is a bit structured... the helpers don't just show up. Typically, the helpers are kids who have some interest in working with younger kids (they have the approval of their homerun teacher) and the program is limited to specials (art, for example) and pre-k--places where it's not difficult to find useful jobs. It's usually mentioned in the lesson plan and is not unexpected. My experience has been almost entirely positive... we tend to use the helpers to work with specific kids or small groups.

I've actually had times when the homeroom teacher knew I was subbing and called me to see if it was okay for the helper(s) to come as usual. (I aways say "yes.") I also try to give feedback to the homeroom teacher after using a helper.

We have a similar program of "buddy reading" where third-grade classes visit kindergarten classes and pair up, so there's a bit of a culture of/for this... One of my more interesting experiences with that was a day I subbed third and there was a sub in kindergarten. We agreed to give it a try and it actually went quite well!

While it hasn't happened, if a helper got "cocky" with me, I'd probably send him/her packing.
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