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Ugh...another vent...
Old 10-04-2020, 03:53 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #1

So against my own volition I am doing per diem sub work in a new (for me) district near my home. Praying that wearing two masks, (cloth and surgical), keeping my distance from students, keeping my hands clean and away from my face, showering immediately upon arrival at home, and only taking secondary jobs twice a week will keep me from bringing anything home to my child who is medically fragile.

In the process I am also homeschooling my children full time and teaching kids all over the country part time online. I have yet to see a paycheck from the online gig, (which started 9/23), and it most likely won't be enough on its own which is why I must go back into this high risk scenario again.

Just started with two half days last week and this week will be my first two full days. I had foot surgery last week and clearly had trouble walking, but it didn't stop the school from stuffing me into all manner of classrooms across the building and up flights of stairs when the teacher I was in for typically had a free moment. So glad to be part of another "caring" district...

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