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From what I understand, you need some paperwork to track your ELLs' language development and goals? If so, I have a few ideas for you. I am an ENL teacher in an elementary school and I use a few ENL forms to track my students language goals and performance.
1. I closely collaborate with an IEP teacher. Together we come up with specific language goals for each language learner based on the standardized tests as well as personal and academic abilities.
2. In my school, not sure of the district as a whole, there is no set policy as to what ENL forms to use. I took it upon myself to research and develop my own ENL specific forms to use to track language goals/development and performance.
3. As a starting point, I have been using WIDA's speaking, listening, reading and writing rubrics. They are awesome and very specific. You can use them for baseline, interim, and summative assessments. Also, as another source, you can check out the NYS website called On this website you will be able to locate tons of useful information as well as forms to help you plan lessons with the language in mind: Bilingual Common Core Initiative, for example.

Here are the links:
1. Bilingual Common Core Initiative/Progressions:
2. Not sure which state you teach in, but here is the link to NYSESLAT resources like webinars and sample tests:
3. WIDA rubrics: Just type in rubrics in the search box.

I hope this helps!
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