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the wild instinct never really leaves them. Especially if you tamed a truly feral one.
I agree. I have two big fellas who are tamed feral cats. They both rub on everything in the house, including me, and I get groomed every day. They show their wild instincts in a lot of ways but that's part of what makes them such satisfying cats to live with. They are more companionable and devoted than any other feline I've shared my home with - and I've belonged to some lovely cats in the past.

Tia, how is it that you've been living with a cat you don't belong to for so long? It's possible that he's marking territory so aggressively because he doesn't feel at home. That's likely why you aren't allowed to pet his belly, too. Many cats love to have their bellies rubbed but only by people they trust 100%
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