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Joined: Dec 2008
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Old 04-02-2020, 07:17 PM

Telling a little story...

So since this pandemic has happened, I have ruined two thermometers that actually worked. I got them wet and it ruined the batteries. (I know it sound silly but it happened.) Of course I donít want to go out and get one, and praise God we havenít had any fever scares in my house. I just wanted one though in case and itís nice to know we donít have fevers!

I was just thinking to myself, how could I get one? Online they are outrageous right now.

Something told me to clean my bathroom cabinets. I keep all the thermometers in a different close upstairs.

I took everything out of the cabinets and wiped them all down. I couldnít reach the top shelf so I went and got a step-stool. As I was wiping the top shelf, I felt something. A random thermometer!

I started crying. God knows our hearts. He knows our prayers. Our desires. Even for a thermometer of all things.

Lots of prayers for those who are sick, who are taking care of the sick, those who still have to work, and all of us at home who are doing our part.

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