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You need to figure out a way to get into some sort of routine as much as you can. That way, the basic structure of the lessons is already done and all you need to do each week is plug in new content.

You'd obviously have to figure out how to make it work for your content, but for example, I figure out elements that need to be present in every lesson and make sure those are taught in the same order every day.Then I figure out elements that need to changed and see if there is a way to make them weekly routines. For example, when practicing spelling, it's sound spelling mapping on Monday, word chaining on Tuesday, dictated sentences on Wednesday, etc. I have the basic outline and just need to plug in the new content each week.

I would also consider what you're spending your time on- is it making cutesy props or "fancy" activities that could be cut out? Kids really do well with structure and routine. Don't feel like everything has to be a dog and pony show lesson. Making materials that the kids could really help with or that are unnecessary/could be taught in another way with less teacher created materials? Are you writing out too much information in plans that may not need to be there? Spending a lot of time second guessing yourself and changing plans? Can you use a structure or method that your team uses to plan together and apply it to any of the other subjects? 5-6 hours daily just on planning is pretty crazy, IMO. I think it might help you to figure out exactly what you are doing that is taking up all of that time.

Another thing that helps me is planning only a couple of days at a time. I used to plan for the entire week and found that halfway through the week, I was redoing work I thought I'd already finished because I needed to tweak things based on unexpected schedule changes, kids moving slower/faster than I thought, etc. It's also not so overwhelming to take things just a couple of days at a time.
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