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it has happened to me too!!! I was subbing in a small school (elem.) grade 2--and this kid just ups and walks out on me--he wanted to get a drink of water..Lucky for me the "bubbler" was right outside the door.

I caught him and explained to him that we can't do that because then everybody would think it's ok to do this---needless to say--he gets up again a little later on and walks outside the room again--again I had to chase him down--meanwhile--like you, I have 20-25 students going to the door to see what's going on; again I tell him that was not good and to ask me first---10 minutes later he walks out again---finally, I ask a neighboring teacher to watch my class and I walked him to the principal's office and explained to the secy' the situation (the principal was somewhere) and she said she would handle it...the rest of the day went smooth--the kid was to do his work with the principal...WHEW!!!!

So a couple of days later I'm back at the school, and I had a few minutes to talk to the teacher and he stated that this student was having a hard time adjusting to the new environment; doesn't have many friends; starts fights at a drop of a dime...etc...

You'd think the reg. teacher would have been decent to put this little note in the plans too. NOOO!!!! Let's just say, whenever his job popped up---I didn't take the class
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