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i don't think...
Old 10-19-2009, 11:18 AM
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you did a bad job. It all worked out. It is tough when they are that young and so defiant. It's stuff you'd expect an older hcild to think of. I think you did fine.

In some of the other responses they discussed the phone...Our dist is supposed to have emerg. plans and phone list by each phone, but over time those things get taken down, moved, etc. (The high school is th eonly one that gives you a phone list in your folder) and so what I have started doing is programming the main number to all our schools (12 schools) in my phone and I keep my cell on me at all times. So many times I also w/ the kids outside such as w/ the lesson or in gym and I like to have that phone w/ me. I recommend you do that too b/c even fi they do have the list by the door, you weren't by the phone when this happend you were in the doorway and so having your cell on you would have helped I think.

Overall, I think you handled that well. Sometimes we can just do what we can do.
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