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Joined: Apr 2007
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We just moved into a new school. There is one very large area where all books from classroom libraries were put, so there are no books in each classroom just on shelving and baskets in this large area. The classrooms are built around this area.

I am retired, but have been leveling these books since mid-August. It just so happens that I left behind all my classroom library books when I retired, so many of the books I'm leveling are ones I left behind...and were already leveled. Out of the other four teachers, only one had leveled her books!!

The third grade teachers decided to level the books by guided reading levels, but within each level, group books by series (example: level M-Magic Tree House). Some baskets have a variety of books because they are not part of a series or are picture books/chapter books at that level.

Each basket has a label (examples: level M-Magic Tree House or just plain level M). On the label is also a number. At the beginning of the school year, each child was given a basket or two and wrote the number on the basket on the inside of the book. That way, when students return books, they look inside the cover, find the number, and place it in that basket.

This has worked out very well.
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