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The places I go, this is the problem:

At the elementary level something is going horribly wrong. Math is not being taught or is being ignored or something. Heavily-minority schools (the Southwest is all heavily-minority so that means EVERYWHERE) ignore their kids' lack of math skills or dismiss them as "not capable of learning math" and I think it is the overall perception that this society has that certain minorities aren't supposed to be smart enough to "do" math that makes the teachers take this lazy attitude towards teaching it. They seem to have a sort of "they're (insert minority group here) so they'll never amount to anything anyway and no one would ever hire them if they got a Math or Accounting degree anyway so why bother caring if they can even add, subtract or multiply by the end of elementary school or EVER" attitude towards their students and it shows at EVERY level including administrative.

At the middle school level I get so many 6th graders who can't multiply that it's an abomination. New Mexico is only slightly better than California and Arizona in this regard!! (And New Mexico has a hard time believing that, believe me!)

So I don't know WHAT Math they're using in the elementary schools in places I go. Apparently none whatsoever??
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