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Joined: Apr 2011
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Clip to ScrapBook #12

Every year before school starts, I do spend a couple of hours setting up the entire year. Planbook has some standard holidays built in, and you can add other holidays, breaks, workdays and such. I program the entire year for those first. Then I add classes. I color-code those. For example, in elementary I used to code math as blue, ELA as green, specials as red, and so on. In middle school I color-code by grade. You enter each class, color-code it, and set the day(s)/times(s) it regularly meets. Once you get the whole framework set up, your planbook is basically set for the year. You can change class times, add special events and all your lesson info, and make other changes at any time.

As others have pointed out, you can print the day plan or weekly plan. I print the daily plan because my computer is never near my teacher table, and it makes it easier to keep track. Also, in elementary, I used to write down who was tardy, absent, leaving early etc., plus fire drills and other changes so I had a record of what had happened that day. (I didn't enter them on the computer, just kept the printout and filed it.) Finally, I think, but am not sure, that there's a app. My teammate had her assistant download the app to her phone so when she had to sub, she could call up the daily plan on her phone--no need to print. It's a great program.
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