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Journeys Authentic Literature
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Clip to ScrapBook #5

I'm just responding to your post because I'm a little confused.

We use program as a Reading Workshop model. From what I understand, all the pieces in the anthology are authentic literature, that can all be found in the public library/bookstore etc. At the end, there is an Acknowledgements section that includes all the titles and authors. So if you read a portion of "Because of Winn Dixie" and it really excites your students, then you have them read the whole thing in literature circles. "Basal" refers to created texts, not authentic literature. And everything I've seen is authentic.

My school pulled together the full copies of each book in the anthology to use in our classroom libraries, though I think they all came from different companies.

The guided books are instructional support pieces that are thematically related to the main selection with the same skill, strategy, theme and vocabulary words. They're on a range of about 5-8 alpha levels.

I teach in a needy urban setting too. None of my kids were reading close to the advanced groups - so we sent some of the LR kits back and exchanged them for different levels.

So I have 4 groups - 1 ELL, two below-level and 1 on-level (by the HMH levels)

It's really working for me. I used to always have to hunt for materials and beg, borrow and steal from other teachers. By having all the materials, it has freed me up to spend more time thinking about conferencing, working on big class projects (like debates)

We had a training recently and they also suggested we watch all the training videos at which helped.

Good luck!

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