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Hey everyone!
This year will be my first "full" year as a classroom teacher. I will be teaching first grade. My question has to do with reward systems. I enjoy rewarding and praising students for a job well done and I am a big supporter of intrinsic rewards like praise, extra free time, a GOOD note/call home, special jobs, coming back to the classroom to eat lunch with the teacher, etc. I feel that extrinsic rewards are given out way too much and kids become dependent on receiving an award for everything they do. Our school employs the PBIS system where students receive tickets when they are caught doing something good. The tickets are then turned in for a prize from the treasure box (classroom) and entered in a drawing with all the other students on the grade level for a $5 monthly prize (school-wide). We are encouraged to give out tickets/prizes for lots of positive behavior. Lots of teachers give out prizes for EVERY LITTLE thing a child does right...raising hand, walking in line right, etc, etc. I don't want to be excessive with this type of reward system but what can I do to still incorporate it since I pretty much have to?

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