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Ugh, this is something I was consistently told during my student teaching. And it's such a FRUSTRATING thing to be told, too. My supervisor once said, "Oh, you absolutely know what you're talking about and doing, but you need to figure out how to actually DO it." Which is SO unhelpful.

Personally, I found a lot of pretty cool and relevant activities on Pinterest that my students really enjoyed. I also made best friends with my CT's supply closet. I took it apart (with her permission, of course) and studied all of her manipulatives, supplies, and items that she had in there and figured out how to incorporate these things into my lessons. I researched the technology available in my school and practiced using it so I could incorporate it into my lessons. My CT gave me access to her BrainPOP Jr account so I could show the students videos during lessons, which they loved.

In terms of follow-up questions to promote higher-order thinking, I started writing such questions directly into my lesson plans so I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to ask the students and what I wanted them to be able to know by the end. Once I really started focusing the complex and meaningful questions I was going to ask, it became much easier to keep everything on track. And at the end of my student teaching, my supervisor was so proud of how much I had improved on my execution.

I don't know if this helps you much, but these are things I did. I also asked the other teachers in my grade group for advice or suggestions, if it's possible for you to do that.
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