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Give me 5
Old 11-17-2008, 09:38 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #7

Another version of Give me 5 for grades preK-3:
What does Good Listening look like? or How to be a good listener:

Say to the students that to be a good listener, you have to use 5 things: your eyes, ears, mouth, brain, and whole body. Say that each part has a job to do. Present the five things and explain what each one means, as below. Show them a poster with a hand and words or picture symbols for each body part. Have them recite chorally. Ask them questions about each part. Review the list and ask if they are ready to give you five. After teaching the kids this system, all you have to ask is for them to give you five. Hold up your hand like a 5 and the kids do the same. Refer to the poster as necessary.

1. Eyes: Looking at speaker
2. Ears: Turned on, tuned in and listening to what speaker is saying
3. Mouth: Closed, "zipped" shut; Your ears can't work if your mouth is on
4. Brain: Paying attention to what is being said and thinking about what the speaker is saying; making pictures in your mind
5. Whole Body: Sitting still without tapping, wiggling, or moving around; hands and feet to self.

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