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Choosing a "Just Right" Book
Old 07-22-2010, 06:20 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #6

I give the kids a sheet for their reading folders....(did this in 4th and plan to in 5th)

The info is usually in a three column format...I model choosing a book to show them how to use the sheet...they eventually get the hang of it.

Too Easy
*you can read the words smoothly and with an interesting voice

*there often are not a lot of words on a page

*you know how to say all the words

*there are not a lot of pages in the book

*you have a lot of schema for the subject

*sometimes the book has a larger font

*your thinking comes easy as you read the words.

Just Right

*you can read most of the words

* you can understand what you are reading

*you enjoy the book

*you may have some schema for the subject

* you can read the book with smooth fluency, but there are some choppy places

*your reading rate is just right-
not too fast and not too slow

*you can figure out the tricky words and still get the meaning of the story.

*many of the words are too hard to figure out

*you donít know what the tricky words mean

*your reading becomes choppy, more than it is smooth and fluent

*you donít have any schema about the subject

*there are often a lot of words on the page

*often the font is small

*you lose focus as you are reading

*your thinking is confused
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