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Clip to ScrapBook #6

You might figure out the hourly wage made in the private school. It looks to me like you would be making not much over minimum wage in the state I live in. Is it really possible to work and purchase all the supplies on that? Do you already have medical coverage? If not will you be able to afford it? Does the job have regular advances in pay? If it doesn't, are you comfortable making around 10 or so dollars an hour for years working a challenging job? Does your husband have a very secure job? Does he make the money to back the lack of money from you? Are you planning on sending any children to college? Are you saving for retirement? Do you have student loans to pay?

The cost of an entire set of curriculum and supplies is quite expensive if you really have to provide the text books, workbooks, manipulatives, games, furniture...

In my circumstances there would be no choice.
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