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Distance Learning Subbing
Old 11-14-2020, 01:25 PM
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Hi all! It's been a long while since I've been on this forum. Like many, I got bumped out of my subbing work last March and spent several months on UI (I'm one of the fortunate ones who filed early).

In September, my district offered a bit of Zoom training for subs in prep for distance learning, and I got on board. I've kept pretty well occupied ever since. It's only half days right now, but I can pretty much work every day if I want. And I get to work from home! That's the best part!

It's been a learning curve for sure, not only for me, but for school and district staff as well as students and their families. I'm fairly tech savy, so the problem hasn't been the tech so much as all the irregularities in how teachers and school staff set up the materials and sessions for subs. Few actually follow district protocol, sometimes leaving me shooting out emails and making calls to piece things together at the last minute.

It's also been very strange teaching students who are at home and having that window into their homes and family lives. It requires a whole different level of awareness and sensitivity in doing my job.

My district, fortunately, has opted not to return to in-person instruction till January. So I'm not facing that choice just yet (I'm unsure what I'll do).

I'd like to know what others subbing remotely are experiencing.

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