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distance learning my journy
Old 11-15-2020, 04:57 PM
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Hi all I thought I'd give my update on my teaching from home. Well after I pretty much self taught myself, with help from students, aides and others in the classroom , I feel I can be successful on each assignment no matter what grade level. What I have learned:
1 Lower grades, students mostly have cameras on ( our district does not mandate cameras on), kids are good about trying to respond to showing me their work, held up to the camera. Some kids do not turn on cameras so...I sometimes can call on them and they will respond. Parents in my district are not at all a problem. Days starts at 9:00-12:30 sometimes I am done earlier it depends.I have taught days for 1 hour,1 1/2 hours and everything in between. I still am paid a full day. I am sometimes hanging out while students finish their assigned day. All teachers have times for students to check in after lunch for office house, but I have only been asked twice to do this part of the day. When I was asked their were only 1 or 2 students or none that showed up.

2. grades 3-5 again, they are more independent, and I usually am showing them slides, and then they are off to work on the assigned work. Once I was able to figure out showing audio video in chrome tab,that took away my audio problems or log ins for different requests on the lesson plans for a direct instruction. All teachers have been very understanding in all grade levels about any technical glitches.

3 middle school and high school, I have to say after over 30 years, this has been my easiest year. The longest day is 9:00-1:00 if there is a prep then take off an hour. So I have averaged about 3 hours a day in the upper grades. In this district we are paid for a full day with distance learning. Students all have their cameras off. If I have any problems in the chat I disable it, I had a middle school teacher tell me to do that, and if need be remove a student from the meet.

So I do not go to a school, I sit at home in my slippers and get to use my own bathroom.There are times in the lower grades where I will improvise to draw a lesson out, piece of cake. Uppergrades work independently and have all they need in google classroom. I have had wonderful respectful students, it has been really nice.

I too have kept UI going I really never know if and when I will work.
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